Bishop Gaetano Pace-Forno, O.S.A. +


Bishop of Malta


Date Age Event Title
5 Jun 1809   Born Rabat Gozo
25 Sep 1857 48.3 Appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Malta
25 Sep 1857 48.3 Appointed Titular Bishop of Hebron
4 Dec 1857 48.5 Succeeded Bishop of Malta
22 Jul 1874 65.1 Died Bishop of Malta

Gaetano Pace was born in Rabat Gozo on June 5, 1809, to the lawyer Francesco Pace and the Noble Lucia dei Baroni Forno, a Palermitan. During the French occupation, his father was the envoy of Gozo to the Palermitan Court , where he was sent by the Governor General of Gozo, the Archpriest of the Gozo Matrix Church Canon Saver Cassar. For the good services rendered there, King Ferdinand III of Sicily knighted him at the beginning of 1799.

 Gaetano was baptised on the same day at the Matrix Church , the present Cathedral. After being educated by private tuition and with Augustinian Friars at Valletta , he joined the Order of the Hermits of Saint Augustine on July 20, 1824. He studied at Malta until 1830, when he was sent to Fermo , Italy , to finish his theological course. He was ordained priest at Naples on September 22, 1832. He taught in various convents throughout the Italian peninsula, except for a short period between 1841 and 1843. During this interval, he was Prefect of Studies at the Augustinian Convent, Rabat , Malta . On May 30, 1847, he was chosen Provincial of the Maltese Augustinian Province . On August 31 of the same year, he got the consent of the Augustinian Council to open a free college for boys at the Valletta convent. The College was eventually opened on September 23, 1848. During the cholera outbreak between July-October 1850, he took all sorts of risks to comfort the dying. On December 11, 1854, he was chosen Provincial for a second term He still presided his College and his Order when he was suggested, without his knowledge, as a coadjutor cum futura successione to the ailing Bishop Sant

He was consecrated Titular Bishop of Hebron and Coadjutor Bishop of Malta on 25 September 1857.  He succeeded Bishop Sant on 4 December 1857.  He died on 22nd July 1874.  During his tenure Gozo was erected as a suffragan  Diocese to Malta on 22 September 1864  









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