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Marie Louise Coleiro Preca was born on 7 December 1958. She has served in the government of Malta as Minister of the Family and Social Solidarity from March 2013 till  April 2014. A member of Labour Party, she had been Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives of Malta bewtween 1998 and 2014.

Born at Qormi, Coleiro Preca studied at the University of Malta where she graduated BA in Legal and Humanistic Studies (International Studies) and Diploma Notary Public.

Within the Malta Labour Party, Coleiro Preca has served as a member of the National Executive, Assistant General Secretary and General Secretary of the Party (19821991). She was the only woman to have served in such a senior post of a Maltese political party. In addition to these posts Coleiro Preca also held the post of member of the National Bureau of Socialist Youths (now the Labour Youth Forum), President of the Women Section of the Party (19962001), founder member of the Ġuż Ellul Mercer Foundation and publisher of the Party's weekly newspaper 'Il-Ħelsien' (now defunct).

She has served as MP in the Maltese Parliament from 1998 to 2014. In the 2008 general election she was the first elected MP. As an Opposition MP Coleiro Preca served as Shadow Minister for Social Policy and as member of the Parliamentary Permanent Committee for Social Affairs beginning in 1998.

After Alfred Sant resigned as Leader of the Labour Party in 2008, Coleiro Preca unsuccessfully contested the Leadership election.

Under the cabinet of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, which took office in 2013, Coleiro Preca was appointed as Minister of the Family and Social Solidarity.

Dr Coleiro Preca as President remained in charge of the national strategy against poverty. She also remained in charge of the food aid programme, the national family commissions and the national prevention agency, among other functions. .

She is married to Edgar Preca and has a daughter.