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#1 // number one! // The best person

1 4 THE ROAD // one for the road // A drink before you go

10Q // Thank You

1DAY // One day // At some time in the future

1ON1 // One on one // In person

2 // To/Two/Too

2bctnd // To be continued // We'll talk about it later

2d4 // To die for // To like / love something very much

2DAY // Today

2g4u // Too good for you // The person is not a good match for you romantically, usually used as an insult

2Ht2Hndl // Too hot to handle // Very sexy, attractive

2l8 // Too late // The time is too late, missed opportunity

2MORO // Tomorrow

2NITE // Tonight

2WIMC // To whom it may concern // Formal greeting

3sum // Threesome // Three people together

4 // For

4e // Forever

4gv // Forgive // Forgive someone

4gvn // Forgiven // Usually used when someone forgives you for something you have done

4yeo // For your eyes only // Only for you to read

7K // Sick // Not feeling well OR something that is very strange

8 // Ate // Past tense of the verb 'to eat'

911 // Emergency, call me // Someone needs you to call them about something that is important

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AFAIK // As Far As I Know // Something you know based on something you have heard before

ALWZ // Always

ASAP // As Soon As Possible // Immediately

ASL // Age, Sex, Location // Questioning how old a person is, what sex he / she is, and where the person is

ATB // All the best // A way of saying goodbye

ATK // At The Keyboard // At the keyboard of a computer

ATM // At The Moment // Now

B // Be

B4 // Before

B4N // Bye For Now // A way of saying goodbye

BAK // Back at keyboard // Returned to the computer

BBL // Be Back Later // I will return later

BBS // Be Back Soon // I will return soon

BCNU // Be seeing you // A way of saying goodbye

BF // Boyfriend // A boy a girl is seeing romantically

BFN/B4N // Bye for now // A way of saying goodbye

BFz4evr // Best friends forever // A promise to be best friends

BHL8 // Be home late // I will be home late tonight

BIL // Boss is listening // An employer is listening to you speaking on the telephone

BM Val // Be my valentine // Be my girlfriend or boyfriend

BN // Been

BOL // Best of luck // Wishing someone success on something that he / she is going to do

BRB // Be Right Back // I will return very soon

BRT // Be Right There // I will come to where you are

BTW // By The Way // A way of mentioning a new subject


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C // See // Do you understand? OR the verb 'to see'

CAN I BY U A DRNK 2NITE // can i buy you a drink tonight? // Inviting someone out for a drink at a bar or pub

CM // Call me // Asking someone to telephone

CMON // Come On // Expression meaning 'are you serious?', or 'I don't believe you'

CU // See you // A way of saying goodbye

CU Soon // See you soon // A way of saying goodbye

CU@ // See you at // Making an appointment to meet someone at a specific time, for example 'CU@11pm'

CUB L8R // Call you back later // I will telephone you latter

CUL // See you later // A way of saying goodbye

CUL8R // See You Later // A way of saying goodbye

CYA // See you around, See ya // A way of saying goodbye

CYR BOS // Call Your Boss // Please telephone your boss or employer

CYR BRO // Call your brother // Please telephone your brother

CYR H // Call your husband // Please telephone your husband

CYR MA // Call your mother // Please telephone your mother

CYR OFIS // Call your office // Please telephone your office

CYR PA // Call your father // Please telephone your father

CYR SIS // Call your sister // Please telephone your sister

CYR WF // Call your wife // Please telephone your wife

DK // Don't know // I don't know something you asked me

DO U WNT ME // do you want me? // Asking a person if they want to be with you romantically

doN // Doing // Explaining what a person is doing at the moment

Dur? // Do you remember // Asking a person about a memory of the past

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E2eg // Ear to ear grin // Something that is funny, or makes someone very happy

EOD // End of discussion // I refuse to talk about it anymore

EOL // End of lecture // I'm finished telling you what I think

EVRY1 // Everyone

EZ // Easy

EZY // Easy

F? // Friends? // Would you like to be friends with me?

F2F // Face to face // In person

F2T // Free to talk // I can talk now

FAQ // Frequently Asked Questions // Important questions asked by many different people

FC // Fingers Crossed // I'm hoping that something happens

FITB // Fill in the blank // You can use any (usually negative) word to describe this thing or person, obvious

FOMCL // Fell out of my chair laughing // Very, very funny

FWIW // For What It's Worth // This is my opinion, good or bad

FYA // For your amusement // I think you might find this funny

FYEO // For your eyes only // Only you can see this

FYI // For Your Information // This is something I thought you might want to know

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G9 // Genius // Very intelligent, also used to say that something that someone says is very intelligent

GAL // Get A Life // Stop worrying about something and live your life OR pathetic

GF // Girlfirend // A girlfriend

GG // Good Game // A comment about a game that has just finished

GMeSumLuvin //Give me some lovin’! // I want some romantic involvement with you

GMTA // Great Minds Think Alike // You and I are very similar

GR8 // Great! // That sounds like a good idea OR I'm happy for you

GSOH // Good salary, own home // A comment about a person who is successful

GTSY // Glad to see you // I'm happy to see you

GUDLUK // Good luck // Wishing someone success

H&K // Hugs and kisses // A way of saying goodbye showing affection

h2cus // Hope to see you soon // A way of saying goodbye, and that you want to see the person soon

H8 // Hate

HAGN // Have a good night // A way of saying goodbye

HAND // Have a nice day // A way of saying goodbye

HK UP 2NITE // hook up tonight // Let's see each other tonight

HRU // How are you

Ht4U // Hot for you // I like you very much - romantically

HTH // Hope that helps // I hope what I just said helps you

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I luv U // I love you

I M W8TNG // i am waiting // I'm waiting for you to do something or arrive

IAC // In any case // Used to change the subject, for example 'IAC, GUDLUK' - In any case, good luck

IAD8 // It's a date // An agreement to see each other

IC // I See // I understand

ICQ // I Seek you // I'm looking for you

IDK // I don't know

IIRC // If I recall correctly // If what I remember is correct, ...

ILU // I Love You

ILU2 // I love you, too

ILUA //I love you alot // I love you very much

IM 4 U // I am for you // I think I would be a good boyfriend / girlfriend for you

IMBLuv // It must be love // You think you or another person is in love

IMHO // In My Honest/Humble Opinion // My opinion is this: (usually used for a very direct statement)

IMI // I mean it // I am serious about what I am saying

IMO // In my opinion // I think

IMTNG // I am in a meeting // I am in a business meeting with other people

IOU // I owe you // I am very grateful to you for something you have done

IOW // In Other Words // To say something in a different way

IRL // In Real Life // In the real world, not fantasy

Its F8 // It's fate // Something is supposed to be or happen

IUSS // If you say so // If you think so (usually expressing that the person doesn't agree with you)

IYD // In your dreams // It will never happen, what you are thinking is absurd

J4F // Just for fun // In order to have fun

JFK // Just for kicks // In order to have fun

JK // Just kidding // Only joking, not serious

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KC // Keep cool // Remain calm and relaxed

KHUF // Know how you feel // I understand your situation

KISS // Keep It Simple, Stupid // What you are saying or doing is too complicated

KIT // Keep in touch // Let's keep talking to each other in the future

KOTC // Kiss on the cheek // A way of saying goodbye (friends)

KOTL // Kiss on the lips // A way of saying goodbye (romantic)

L8 //Late

L8R // Later // A way of saying goodbye

LDR // Long Distance Relationship // Two people who are romantically involved that do not live in the same city

LETS C A FLCK // let's see a flick // Should we see a movie or film?

LMAO // Laugh My Ass Off // Very funny

LOL // Laughing Out Loud // Very funny

LTNC // Long time no see // We haven't seen each other for a very long time

LtsGt2gthr //Lets get together // We should meet

LUV //Love

Luv U // Love You

Luv U2 // Love you too

lyN // Lying // Someone is saying something that is not true

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M8 // Mate // Friend (British and Australian English)

MC // Merry Christmas

MGB // May god bless // A way of saying goodbye

Mob // Mobile // Cell phone (US English)

MTE // My Thoughts Exactly // That's exactly what I think or feel

MU // Miss you // I wish you were here with me

MUSM // Miss you so much // I wish you were here with me

MYOB // Mind your own business // Do not ask me questions about something

NC // No comment // I can't say what I think

NE // Any

NE1 // Anyone

NITING // Anything

No1 // No one

NP // No problem // It's not a problem

NRN // No Reply Necessary // You don't need to answer this

nufN // Nothing

NWO // No way out // There is no solution to a problem

O4U // Only for you // This is only for you to see

OIC // Oh, I see // I understand

OTOH // On the other hand // The other side of an opinion, situation or statement

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PCM // Please call me // Please telephone me

PCME // Please call me // Please telephone me

PITA // Pain in the ass // Something or someone that is very annoying or bothersome

PLS // Please

PLZ 4GV ME // Please forgive me

PO$BL // Possible // Something is possible

PRT // Party

PRW // Parents Are Watching // I can't say something because my parents are watching what I'm doing

PTB // Please Text Back // Please write me back an SMS

PUKS // Pick Up Kids // Pick up the children from somewhere

QPSA? // Que pasa? // What's happening? OR What are you doing?

QT // Cutie // Attractive, pretty

R // Are // The verb 'to be'

RGDS // Regards // A way of saying goodbye, or of greeting another person's friend or family

RINGL8 // Running Late // I'm behind schedule today

RLR // Earlier // Something that happened before

ROFL // Rolling On The Floor Laughing // Very funny

ROFLOL // Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud // Very funny

ROTG // Rolling on the ground // Very funny

RTFM // Read the flaming manual // You should learn how to criticize someone

RU CMNG // Are You coming // Are you going to come with me / us?

RU? // Are you?

RUOK // Are you OK? // Do you feel well (usually used after something bad has happened)

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SC // Stay cool // You need to remain calm

SETE // Smiling ear to ear // Very happy

SHLM // Shalom // Hello

shopN // Shopping

SME1 // Someone

SO // Significant other // Romantic partner, boyfriend or girlfriend

SOL // Sooner or later // Eventually, it will happen

SPK // Speak // Please say what you think

SPK 2 U L8R // Speak to you later // A way of saying goodbye

SRY // Sorry // An apology

STATS // Your sex and age // Are you a man or a woman? How old are you?

SWALK // Sent with a loving kiss // I write this and send it with love

SWATK // Sent/Sealed with a tender kiss // I write this and send it with love

T+ // Think positive // You need to be positive about a situation

T2Go // Time to go // A way of saying goodbye

T2ul // Talk to you later // A way of saying goodbye

TDTU // Totally devoted to you // I love you

THNQ // Thank you

THX // Thank You

TIA // Thanks in advance // I thank you for something you will do for me in the future

TIC // Tongue in Cheek // Not serious, ironic

TKS // Thanks

TTFN // Ta-Ta for now // A way of saying goodbye

TTYL // Talk To You Later // A way of saying goodbye

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U // You

U O ME // you owe me // I did something special for you

U2 // You Too

U4E // Yours For Ever // A way of saying goodbye

UI! // You Idiot! // You are stupid

UR // You are

UR Gr8 // You are great // I think you are fantastic

UR4Me // You are for me // I think I would like to be your boyfriend / girlfriend

UROK // You are OK // You are OK, (can also mean: but I'm not interested in you romantically

URT1 // You are the one // I think I would like to be your boyfriend / girlfriend

VRI // Very

W@ // What

W4M // Wait for me

W4U // Waiting for you

W8 // Wait

W84M // Wait for me

W84U // Wait for you

W8N // Waiting

WAN2 // Want to

WAN2 :-* // Want to kiss? // Do you want to kiss me?

Wan2 C a moV? // Want to see a movie? // Do you want to see a movie?

WB // Welcome Back // I'm happy you returned from somewhere

WNT 2 PLAY // want to play? // Do you want to do something together?

WOT // What

WRT // With respect to // Refering to something

WRU // Where are you?

WTF // What the heck? // I don't understand something, OR I don't believe something

WTF // What The F... // I don't understand something, OR I don't believe something

WTG // Way To Go! // Congratulations

WUF // Where Are You From?

WUWH // Wish you were here // I wish I could be with you now

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X // Kiss

XLNT // Excellent

XO // Kiss and a hug

Y // Why?

YBS // You’ll be Sorry // You'll regret what you are going to do

YGM // You got mail // You have e-mail

YR // Your

ZZZZ // Sleeping // I'm tired, bored or annoyed

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